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5 Tips to Maintain Structure When Working from Home


With Kelley Hoag, M.S. of Root to Rise Health

When we’re sleeping, working, eating, exercising all under the same roof, the key is to create space and structure. Here are 5 tips to maintain structure when working from home

Yoga Outside

1. Cultivate an empowering morning routine

So often we wake up and start scrolling; emails, instagram, news. It’s overwhelming and spikes cortisol, our stress hormone, right off the bat. Instead, incorporate a bit of mindfulness into your morning before you start working. This could be journaling, movement, meditation, going for a walk, but the most important thing is that it feels good for you and allows some space before your work day begins.

2. Create rituals

As humans, we love habits and routine more than we may even be aware of (40% of our daily actions are habits). The reason we feel so ungrounded right now, is because our routines have been displaced. Create new rituals that give your life boundaries. Wake up at the same time, have your morning coffee while you write your to-do list, or maybe you schedule a daily 3pm walk. Find a repeatable routine that makes you feel in control and comforted.

3. Have a designated workspace

Ideally, this isn’t your bed, but it could be your dining room table or a small desk. Keep this space organized and free from clutter (a mess can limit your brain’s ability to perform tasks). Having your go-to space also communicates to your partner or roommate that you’re working when you’re sitting there, and perhaps closed to discussion, whereas, being in a common area means you’re open to distractions and conversation.

4. Practice mindfulness

We spoke about having a mindful morning routine, but this extends to food as well. It can be easy to graze throughout the day with such easy access to your fridge and pantry. Instead, prepare your lunches and take the time to have a distraction free meal without screens or work. Remember these 3 steps: breathe, express gratitude and chew your food. This will force you to be present and add a layer of mindful eating to your day, decreasing likelihood of overeating.

Working from home

5. Have something to look forward to

Working from home can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be! Schedule face time with friends...or strangers. There are virtual meet-ups and events of various topics to meet new people and learn a new skill. Or, schedule a movie night with your pals on the weekends. Continue to foster real, human connections and relationships by having an event on your calendar that excites you.

Kelly Hoag

About Kelly

Kelley Hoag is a Behavioral Health Advisor with a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a Certificate in Integrative Nutrition. As the founder of Root to Rise Health, she works with busy, overwhelmed men and women to create sustainable habits to help them feel their best and maximize their day. 

During her time studying to become a certified Health Coach, Kelley lost touch with her body, developed an eating disorder, became overwhelmed by an unattainable routine, and gained 20 pounds. She knew the only way to get over it, was to work through it by using the tools she learned through her education and rooting back to her intuition. She now works with clients to help them achieve a holistic existence and sustained success to rise into their highest selves!

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