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Healthy Treats For Your Healthy New Year

By Juli Novotny for VUORI CLOTHINGThis drink recipe was inspired by a guy selling blenders at Costco - of all places. He just threw in spinach, protein powder, ice and...

By Juli Novotny for VUORI CLOTHING

This drink recipe was inspired by a guy selling blenders at Costco - of all places. He just threw in spinach, protein powder, ice and milk. It was effortless and the best part, it reminded me of childhood mint chocolate chip milkshakes when in fact it was a healthy smoothie. Also, brownie points - kids love it too. The secret ingredient: peppermint extract.

The spinach of course gives the illusion of a mint ice cream color and the chocolate chips make it extra good.  It's so easy to make and so tasty, even on a cold day. Whey protein powder gives it a "milky" taste and the extra boost you need for working out. But if you’re plant based like myself, you can substitute a vanilla rice or soy based protein powder instead.




1 large handful of fresh spinach

2 handfuls of ice cubes {one handful at a time}

2 Tbls vanilla whey protein powder {if you don’t like whey or are vegan, use a plant-based powder}

1 handful of chocolate chips {I used cacao nibs but the real chocolate chips are more kid friendly}

1 1/2 cups almond or cashew or soy milk

2 or 3 Tbls agave nectar {depends on how sweet your protein powder is and your milk, so adjust accordingly}

½ tsp peppermint extract


In a high speed blender, you'll want to blend up everything but one handful of ice and the chocolate chips. Blend until mostly smooth but with a tiny bit of texture still. Add chocolate chips and another big handful of ice. Blend until the chips are very small but so you can still see them. The chunks are fun to give it the ice creamy feel.

Enjoy. Even if it’s cold outside, this drink is still a win no matter what age you are.



Guest Blog post written by Juli Novotny Goddard {aka PURE MAMAS} - She has been a part of the food industry since age 24, when she founded the gluten-free vegan food company, Kookie Karma that she ran for over 10 years. She now is a recipe formulator and blogger over at PURE Mamas and basilhealth.comHer products, recipes and/or writing have appeared in InStyle Magazine, Yogi Times, Huffington Post, Whole Foods Markets, Fitness Magazine and has a monthly column over at the The Honest Company.


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