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Pioneering Performance with Exos founder Mark Verstegen


For a group of self-described “nerds” who continuously seek improvement, the Exos team has a rather rebellious approach to health and self-development—and we’re here for it. Exos is dedicated to "pioneering human performance,” whether that means training pro athletes during the offseason, supporting Navy SEALs in performance and recovery, or developing the next generation of business leaders, Exos leaders provide a next-level approach to coaching that works on the field, in the boardroom—and beyond.

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It's all part of the vision of founder and president Mark Verstegen in 1999 when he was largely an NFL coach, breaking new ground in preparing and repairing elite athletes. Today, the industry-leading coaching and corporate wellness company exclusively partners with Vuori as their premium performance apparel partner. “I've always had a passion for and fulfillment from helping others,” Mark tells Vuori. “I found even greater joy when a great group or team was working toward a shared goal, which is what drew me to team sports as a player, then as a performance coach, and now as a leader.”

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Part of the groundbreaking expansion—and success—of Exos is in its holistic approach, not just looking at performance but also how athletes recover and what they do in their moments away from the spotlight. Exos is committed to helping individuals during all facets of their training journey, with an inside-out approach that partners well with Vuori’s focus from the outside-in. Results, it turns out, are not a one-size-fits-all objective. “When you study the sciences of sustainable high performance you realize it requires a holistic approach from your mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery intertwined into your current life with a gameplan tailored to you,” explains Verstegen. “Exos… treats each client as their own unique person. We truly seek to understand who they are, where they are now and where they would like to go. Then we craft their holistic individualized gameplan and work side-by-side with them to achieve it. Building confidence in their process leads to courage to take on more, to go higher, to run faster or reach any goal they are reaching for.”

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This tailored approach goes deep. Whether working with sports dieticians to develop individualized gameplans that incorporate nutrition, hydration and supplements, or re-thinking the gym in award-winning facility design, it’s all about a “whole-person, whole-life” approach backed by leading-edge scientific insights. And that means it’s always evolving. “Exos is the definition of continuous improvement,” shares Verstegen, adding that their daily client work fuels innovation. “Our clients lead us to daily discoveries as they are the experts in their vision, life, motivations and profession through our partnership.”

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Mental health has always been integrated into Exos’ process—not as an afterthought, says Verstegen, but as the first step. “We like to say we are in the field of ‘behavioral upgrading’ and it is the DNA of all of our clients' journeys. To truly have thriving behavioral health, and bounce back when life gets tough, you need to build the skill sets, or mental muscles in your daily practice to be at your best.” What that looks like in action is training on self-awareness techniques, mindfulness and emotional control. Exos clients enter “flow states repeatedly throughout the day,” says Verstegen, “as well as reflection, breathing and sleep optimization. To truly work on our behavioral health, we must think holistically from our daily practice and routines to our nutrition, hydration, movement and recovery as they all play a critical role in our cognitive function through healthy resilient behaviors to live a joyful and flow-filled life.”

If living a flow-filled life sounds right to you, explore Exos’ offering, from athletic training to career development. Today, Verstegen and team are re-thinking corporate culture—including a research pilot on the 4-day workweek with the Wharton School of Business. We can’t wait to see what they dream up—and execute—next.

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