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Exploring the Benefits of Low-Impact Workouts with Pvolve’s Dani Coleman


Maybe you keep hearing the buzzwords “low-impact” around the gym. Or you’re looking for ways to supplement your HIIT. Maybe you’ve had an injury and now you’re looking into more restorative practices, or someone mentioned “pre-hab” fitness to you. Whatever it may be, suddenly everyone seems to be talking about the benefits of low-impact fitness, and the leaders of that movement are Pvolve. 

Female Fitness Instructor Wearing Vuori Black Jogger Sweatpants


Many of us grew up with the “no pain, no gain” approach to fitness, but Pvolve is demonstrating that your workouts don’t have to be punishing to get results. And the results are pretty major. “After years of professionally dancing, I started to associate dancing with pain due to the demands of the company I was dancing for,” explains Dani Coleman, Pvolve's Director of Training (and Jennifer Aniston’s trainer, NBD). “[Low-impact] fitness appealed to me because it seemed more giving to others, more sustainable, and more in alignment with the relationship I wanted to cultivate with my own body—one that was focused on feeling good and strong in it.” 


Though she is a leader in the low-impact movement Pvolve is steering into the fitness community, Dani’s experience is like a lot of her clients, with pain forcing her to explore other ways to maintain her fitness routine in a way that’s gentler, and more sustainable—while also delivering results. As opposed to traditional, high-impact workouts, Pvolve pairs low-impact, functional movement with resistance-based equipment, and their community is vocal about the toned results.  


Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

As Dani explains, “Unlike many traditional fitness programs, Pvolve’s functional fitness method mimics everyday actions and movement patterns that improve coordination, mobility, and balance. By adding resistance training with patented and proprietary equipment, Pvolve also helps to improve muscle strength, endurance and overall musculoskeletal health.” The beauty of this modality is that people can incorporate it at any age, or even following injuries, with modifications based on the user’s unique needs. “When you Pvolve, you’re discovering a new meaning of ‘strong,’” says Dani. “Rooted in the belief that a quality fitness routine should serve you holistically and throughout all stages of life.” 


Not content with simply revolutionizing the fitness scene, Dani is looking ahead to creating more accessible and inclusive opportunities within the world of movement. Last year, Pvolve launched the first-ever exercise program for women undergoing in vitro and other assisted fertilization treatments. “The most rewarding parts of fitness for me are sharing it with underserved communities,” she says. “As a fitness professional my main goal is to create more accessible spaces that are diverse, inclusive, supportive, and welcoming for all communities and people.”

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock


Explore Pvolve to start your own low-impact workout journey, and take a peek at our leggings roundup to find the perfect fit for your new regime.  

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