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TRVL Journal: The Heart of Lofoten


"In Lofoten, the line between the outdoors and daily life is seamlessly blurred. This integration of nature into every aspect of living resonated deeply with each of our personal philosophies of creating memories and art that tells a story and connects us with the outdoors."

Written and Photographed by Tyler Brower



In the heart of Norway's Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands stand as a testament to nature's grandeur, where towering mountains plunging into deep fjords, remote villages dotting the coastline, and serene bays paint a landscape of breathtaking beauty. This archipelago offers a unique blend of unspoiled nature and rich cultural heritage. Our journey to these islands was not merely a travel endeavor but a profound experience of inspiration.  

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

Stepping off the plane in these islands, we were greeted by crisp, invigorating air carrying echoes of ancient Viking sagas and stories of our relationship with the natural world. This journey was more than a visit to a beautiful geographic location; it was an immersive experience in the adventurous spirit, providing an ideal setting for all who come to source natural inspiration from and apply their own way of interpreting and sharing it with others. 

Amid this desktop worthy backdrop, our trip ethos found its perfect testing ground. The aim was to do something special, capture moments of inspiration that can be shared with others, inspire others, and that would last a lifetime. It was about storytelling, about how when traveling, we can find flow state, inspiration, and source and share creative motivation.  Insert our crew: 

Female Fitness Instructor Wearing Vuori Black Jogger Sweatpants

-Johny Vieira. Portuguese surfer living out of his van and a full-time water-color painter living in Portugal- or wherever the swell is pumping. 
-Britten Duerden. An Idaho transplant on the California's Central Coast, a seasonal river guide, outdoorswoman and nature lover. 
-Colby Brickwell. An early 20-something year old full of energy and the other things that these Gen-Z are full of these days. A talented camera operator that is based in the Pacific Northwest and has never been abroad. 
-Robin Vieira. Funny enough with a blend of Portuguese heritage and no relation to Johny, a queen of the outdoors as an endurance athlete, Co-founder of a Creative Strategy and Production Agency, Violin player, and much much more. 
-Tyler Brower. Founder of the same Creative Strategy and Production Agency, former Professional Hockey Player who found out he was better at shooting photos than hockey pucks.  Call it fine producing or great luck, Johny was available and open to collaborating with us to tell his story and share his skill-set as an artist, painting throughout the Lofoten journey. 

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

In the heart of Lofoten, every moment is a brushstroke on a vivid canvas of natural jaw dropping wonder. The archipelago is a masterpiece of dramatic contrasts: towering mountains plunging into crystal-clear waters, and fishing villages of red and yellow cabins dotting the shores. These islands are a living gallery, showcasing the majesty of the Arctic landscape that we wanted to  draw inspiration from and tell the story of through 3-mediums. Photography, videography, and water-color.  

Each day in Lofoten was an adventure. Hiking trails through landscapes straight from a fantasy novel, revealing views that took our breath away. You know the one quote out there from an Ibn Battuta- “Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”? Well I have it on good authority that when he said that he was talking about Lofoten. The trail of 3,000 steps led to lofty peaks like Reinebringen, offering panoramic vistas of the islands and seas that stretch into the horizon. The serene beauty of the fjords and bays, accessible by kayak, was equally mesmerizing. Paddling through the calm waters, with the mountains reflecting in the mirror-like surface, was a moment of pure tranquility. And if you are lucky enough to catch swell, you too can surf the frigid waves of the Arctic.  

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

Beyond the incredible geography, Lofoten's cultural tapestry enriched our experience. The fishing villages, with their deep-rooted history in fishing, provided a glimpse into the traditional Norwegian way of life. The local cuisine dominated by fresh seafood, was a delightful exploration of flavors, with each meal more memorable than the last. As well as toughing up and sourcing mindful breathing as we braved the cold ocean waters for morning cold-plunges as well as cool-off dips after heating up in the sauna.  

In Lofoten, the line between the outdoors and daily life is seamlessly blurred. This integration of nature into every aspect of living resonated deeply with each of our personal philosophies of creating memories and art that tells a story and connects us with the outdoors. In Lofoten, the connection between land, sea, and sky is a constant reminder of our place in the natural world, a theme that aligns beautifully with our efforts of mindful living and sourcing inspiration from our natural surroundings to find our flow state.  

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

Reflecting on our Lofoten journey, I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we were filled with a deep sense of inspiration and gratitude. The fusion of nature, culture, and art in Lofoten was profoundly captivating, especially witnessing Johny express his inspiration of Norway through his art. His paintings represented the essence and mood of Lofoten, highlighting the diverse sources of inspiration around us. This journey was a vivid reminder of how travel can enrich our lives, not just through the places we see, but also the new perspectives and creative expressions we encounter along the way. In the heart of Lofoten's majestic landscapes we found a beautiful alignment embracing life's adventures with intentionality and a deep connection to the stories we tell from the environment around us.   

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