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Reasons To Run


Kyla Maher is a certified Kundalini teacher with a passion for running. She found her practice and passion while overcoming her own personal hurdles and with her recovery came the spark to raise awareness and help others across the country. Kyla is only at her halfway point in her trek to run for awareness, but we got to ask her a few questions about why she started and how bringing joy to others has really brought joy to herself.

Q1. What made you decide to do a half marathon each month in a different state over the course of the year?

Since I am traveling around the country teaching yoga to underserved populations, I thought running a half marathon every month in each place would be a great way raise awareness for the populations being served in each place. It's also been a great way to stay grounded and have structure while I'm traveling all year long.

Q2. What are you looking to bring awareness to?

In each city so far, it's been different! In Austin, it was at-risk youth and homeless. In Denver it was seniors struggling with Alzheimers and dementia. In Portland, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Here in California, it's been inmates that are in training to be firefighters.  

Q3. You are running to bring awareness to certain populations, but how have you found that this has benefited you?

As I travel the country and serve a new group each month, I've gotten to really be with each population and understand some of their challenges on a deeper level. I've grown as a person in immeasurable ways from this.

Q4. What are some of your go-to Vuori pieces that help you while you help others.

I love the Clementine Short for running. They are lightweight and comfortable, and the fabric is so soft there's no uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing (this is HUGE!!). Vouri's yoga collection is also so perfect for the type of teaching I'm doing to sensitive populations on the road. It's simple, sophisticated, professional, and comfortable. Love!!
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