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Allswell X Julie Goldstein At Vuori

Two mermaids, one workshop, a lot of creativityVuori’s store in Encinitas recently transformed itself into a drawing studio, hostingan evening of creativity led by Laura Rubin, founder of notebook...

Two mermaids, one workshop, a lot of creativity


Vuori’s store in Encinitas recently transformed itself into a drawing studio, hosting an evening of creativity led by Laura Rubin, founder of notebook company AllSwell and our current artist-in- residence, Julie Goldstein. The two East Coast transplants originally met and bonded over a love of the ocean and a mutual need to put pen to paper. It was only natural that they would eventually collaborate. We couldn’t have been happier that their first project came together against the backdrop of Goldstein’s installation at the Vuori store in Encinitas, CA.

Co-leading one of AllSwell’s signature workshops to foster creativity, Rubin and Goldstein first shared examples of drawing and illustration from a diverse range of artists depicting the same subject matter (skateboards, waves, palm trees, etc.) as a means of inspiring participants to find their own visual vocabulary. Delving into the approachable exercises, participants each received a blank AllSwell notebook, which they filled with sketches in ink and charcoal.


Kicking off with “blind contouring” (literally not looking at the page), students picked sea-related objects from the curated selection on the table including vintage binoculars, swim fins and shells to use as subjects. The session progressed through a mix of sketching styles, drawing from memory and finally incorporating words into their images -- all while sipping on wine and beer (graciously provided by Pizza Port).

“By learning to draw using slow moving contour lines in contrast to fast moving gestures and finally learning to implement textures and details attendees created a personal story that we hope will compel them to continue their journey in drawing and journaling,” said Goldstein. 

In closing, Rubin touched on the science behind the exercises – the mental, emotional and physiological benefits of a daily drawing or journaling practice – inviting all participants to continue to record their experiences. “Give yourself the opportunity to slow down long enough to observe your surroundings,” suggested Rubin. “Connect with yourself, be where you are and see what emerges.”


Attendees called the experience “inspiring,” “insightful,” and “authentic.” “This evening was wonderful in opening up my creativity.“

The event was in support of Keep A Breast, the non-profit organization that uses art and educational programs to raise awareness of methods of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

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