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Capturing Dogtown

Thanks to our guest blogger; Ben Steinberger who is a Santa Monica based photographer. See more of his work on instagram @ben_steinberger or his website www.bensteinberger.comBorn and...

Thanks to our guest blogger; Ben Steinberger who is a Santa Monica based photographer.  See more of his work on instagram @ben_steinberger  or his website www.bensteinberger.com

Born and raised in New York City, I’ve spent the last ten years roaming the earth.  I have traveled by boat, rail, bus, hitchhiking and foot through six continents and almost every body of water on earth.  I was searching. I didn’t know what for, but I was taking in everything I could.  Different cultures, foods, people, sights, all of it.

Six months ago I decided to stop roaming and lay low for a while.  I picked the Dogtown neighborhood of Santa Monica.  A place where mountain ranges cascade into the ocean.  A place where you can surf in the morning, and mountain bike or ski in the afternoon.  A place where going against the grain was not only not frowned upon, but encouraged.  

The vibe in Dogtown and Venice speaks to me.  The graffiti, the skaters, the surfers, the homeless, the musicians, the grit, the street vendors, the artists, the yogis, the bodybuilders on muscle beach, the color, all of it was different.  I was so attracted to it.  Its a place where being different is being cool.  The more you stand out, the more you swim against the current, the more it makes you a part of what being from this area is all about.  I wanted to capture that feeling.  I photograph people that capture that vibe.

I work with locals to get as real a feeling as possible for the area.  Showcasing the aura that I have only found here in Dogtown.  My new home.

Photo Credits: Skateboarder: Paulina Eriksson  www.instagram.com/paulinaeriksson Yogi: Angela Kukhahn www.instagram.com/angelakukhahn

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