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The Rise. The Shine. featuring Photographer Tommy Corey


We had the honor of working with Photographer Tommy Corey a few years ago and when we heard about his latest project we felt inspired all over again. His new book (coming soon) documents 101 stories of humans who may come from very different circumstances and backgrounds, but who find a shared sense of belonging and community in the great outdoors.

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock


Growing up in Redding, California Tommy spent every free moment he could outside. Being bullied so often as a kid, he found refuge near the trees, lakes, and wildlife. It was in nature that he felt free to be himself—away from the judgment and marginalizing expectations of others. Something that a lot of us can probably relate to. “I was made fun of so much as a kid that it probably wasn’t until my late twenties that I finally realized my own worth. Being outdoors as a kid meant safety. It was safety from the bullies, from the name calling and the harassment I would get almost every day at school.”


Finding peace and creative inspiration in nature is still very much a part of his life today. And through his journey of finding how he wanted to make his mark in this world, he’s also found a way to fuse his passions for the outdoors and photography to create something truly inspiring to many people all over the world.

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

Tommy has this rare ability to capture something special in whoever happens to be on the other side of his lens. Perhaps one of our favorite things about him, with Tommy, a simple conversation human to human, has the power to turn something ordinary into a freeze frame moment of someone completely in their element; doing something they love and feeling completely themselves. He shines a light onto something that the subject may have never seen in themselves before.

Female Fitness Instructor Wearing Vuori Black Jogger Sweatpants

His latest creative project, ‘101 Humans of the Outdoors’, is an editorial documentation of the unique ways that humans connect to Mother Nature and how through it, they can overcome adversity and find belonging to the greater community of fellow adventurers.

Going through the interview process and logistics to make this vision a reality was one thing, but it was through his genuine curiosity and passion for the things that make people tick that turned these “strangers” into connections he hopes to keep for years to come.

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock


After countless zoom calls and in-person meetings with humans of all different walks of life, he’s curated a special collection of inspiring stories that he feels called to share with the world. Over the next couple months, Tommy will be guest writing sneak peaks of a few chosen stories, so stay tuned!

“I hope that this book shows the diverse ways in which people use the outdoors to find community, connection and belonging. I hope whoever reads feels inspired to go after something they’ve always wanted to do.”

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock
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