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Born To Roam


Andrew & Chelsea

We interviewed Andrew and Chelsea, a couple who are owning their work-life balance by traveling the world while working remotely. Take a look at our Q&A with them to learn about some of their favorite travel gear, places they have visited, and how their lifestyle works for them.

Why you started traveling full time?

Two years ago we started planning and acquiring what we deemed as necessities for the journey. We secured remote jobs that would allow us the freedom to travel as long as we could stay connected. Last year we set out on our journey traveling and seeing as much as possible before we 'settled down'. We felt that too many of our friends were stuck trying to live up to the 'social norm' of working, buying a house, getting married and having kids. We felt there was no rush, no 'social norm' to conform to other than one that made us happy. Working remotely, we do not have a specific area or city that we need to settle in. We wanted to take the time to explore areas before making a decision to move/live there. We grew as individuals as well as a couple. We traveled the west-coast and embarked on 3 international adventures that we will never forget.

What are the pros and cons of living a nomadic life?

Pros: Being able to connect with each other and nature. Until you are on the road, you do not truly comprehend how vast America truly is. We would go 6+ hours without cell service and miles without passing a single car. We make our own schedule and are free from distractions. Life seems so much simpler. It made it much more organized, everything we travel with has a dual purpose and its respective space otherwise it becomes very overwhelming quickly given such little space.

Cons: There are some everyday adjustments that take some time to get used to. Meals are sometimes harder the prepare with a single burner stove. Showers are limited to on-board water levels which can vary based on our location. Using a bucket as a bathroom is far from desirable but a truth when you're miles from civilization and closest gas-station.

What are some of your favorite places and maybe least favorite places you have been and why?

Egypt hands down. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. We saw history come alive in front of us, walking and experiencing it all. We spent 10 days traveling between 16 historic temple sites including the Great Pyramids, Luxor, and Valley of The Kings. Growing up Ancient Egypt was always my (Andrew) favorite topic in history. This was a dream come true. Favorite National Park: Grand Tetons - we felt this park offered the most. Crisp Fresh Air in the mountains. We woke up one morning to a moose licking the morning dew off our tent which was as scary as it was amazing.

Andrew Pose
Chelsea Pose

Lastly, what would be your Vuori go-tos for your travel excursions?

The Ripstop Climber Pants are amazing. Comfortable enough to lounge in and sharp enough for a cleaned up look. They are the most versatile pants I own. - Andrew

The Axis Sports Bra is the most comfortable sports bra I've ever worn. It feels great and looks great under any top. - Chelsea

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