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Why Clothing For Men's Yoga By Vuori

People ask us a lot why we started Vuori. Our answer is pretty simple. We wanted to make clothing for doing the things we love. Not just for one thing,...

People ask us a lot why we started Vuori.  Our answer is pretty simple.  We wanted to make clothing for doing the things we love.  Not just for one thing, but several things. Like a lot of you reading this, we live an active life inspired by nature. At the beach and in the ocean, traveling, in the mountains, running trails, riding bikes, climbing rocks and the list goes on. While our active pursuits are diverse and across the board, the common link that keeps us in tune and ready to go back for more, year after year, is yoga.

I grew up playing competitive football and lacrosse while Chris competed as a professional skateboarder.  We came from different worlds, but we beat up our bodies just the same. We shared a common experience.  Yoga was the first restorative thing we ever did for our bodies.  And as it turned out, the physical benefits were just the beginning. 

Prior to starting Vuori we found ourselves with limited options for good men’s yoga clothing. Our board shorts and surf clothes didn't fit or perform the way we wanted and athletic apparel brands left us uninspired. We set out to create versatile products that were functional for men’s yoga, but could go with us throughout the day, from running to surfing, to meeting up with friends.  

We created products like the Kore Short, constructed with an elastic waist and built in Coolmax boxer brief liner, that works equally well in a hot yoga class or a long run, but with a casual west coast style. 

With our boardshorts, we merge the functionality of a surf boardshort with the fit and performance characteristics you would expect from an activewear brand, including moisture management, anti odor, locker loops, 4 way stretch and pockets within pockets to secure your stash during a workout.   

We love the comfort and softness of cotton t shirts, but wanted to wear and workout in something with more performance properties. So we created the Tuvalu Tee and Tank, made from Sea Cell, a custom developed fabric that blends pima cotton with seaweed, wood pulp and lycra.  These shirts have a naturally cooling effect, and they are anti microbial, with great stretch. Best of all, they are incredibly soft and good for the earth.  

Men’s yoga is the fastest growing group within yoga participation in the US and having practiced yoga for over 10 years, we know the reason why.  The benefits are undeniable.  And we as a company are honored and especially grateful to call some of leaders of the movement our friends.  This blog post is dedicated to them.  The guys that have been bringing men’s yoga into the forefront with their own unique personal style.  Thank you for all the love you have shown us fellas.


Dylan Werner - @dylanwerneryoga 



Dice Iida-Klein - @bryceyoga


Noah Maze - @noahmaze

Justin Reilley - @thetattooedyogi


Woody Woodrow - @woodywoodrow  (L)                                                               

Vinny Moreno - @vinnievinyasa (R)

Alain Pov - @alainbenatar (R)


Nick Viscovich - @nick_vishanka (L)                                                                       

Mike Aidala – @mike.aidala (R)


Paul Teodo - @teodoyogaguitar (L)                                                                         

Calvin Corzine - @calvmonster (R)


Julio Bajdaun - @fitflexjuli


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