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We are united by a common vision of a happier and healthier world. We invite professional athletes, trainers, and fitness / yoga instructors to join the V1 Community Program.

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A community of motivated athletes and fitness enthusiasts who inspire others and share their adventures and commitment to health, wellness and happiness by tagging #therisetheshine and @vuoriclothing.

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Create an account first, then apply to the program using that email address.
Join us to receive 40% off apparel purchases, exclusive shopping opportunities, giveaways and more!
Show us how you invest in happiness and tag us in your adventures @vuoriclothing and #therisetheshine
Who is the V1 Community program for?

We make clothing for life in motion. We value the individuals who keep us healthy and bring happiness into our lives, who keep our bodies fit, who keep our minds sharp and inspire us with their creativity. We are currently welcoming those with the following certified expertise to join us:Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor, Professional Athlete, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and/or Lifeguard

What do I receive?

In exchange for the awesomeness you bring to your community we would like to offer you deep discounts on our product so you can do what you do best in product that performs exceptionally and is styled for life. In addition, special deals offered for friends and family (when applicable) will be available to you.

Renewing your account.

Your account must be renewed annually. Haven’t shopped with us in a while under your account? This will require resubmitting an application to the program using your professional e- mail and selecting an option from the Area of Expertise bar.

Can my friends and family use my account?

Your account is for you and you only. We know it is hard to not spread the Vuori love. Stay tuned for special perks throughout the year to share with your friends and family.

"Seeing other people win with their fitness inspires me to be better in all aspects of life!"

Paul Wright


“I love using fitness as a tool to help encourage, motivate, and inspire the world."

Bryce Smith


"I truly enjoy being there for people and helping them reach their health and fitness goals."

Becky LaChance


V1 Community Program:
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